Thorsten was born and raised in Haan, Germany. His father was always involved in horses and brought Thorsten into the sport at age 7. At the age of 8 he drove his first Combined Driving Event with a single pony. From that moment he was hooked on the driving sport and moved quickly up the levels with a single horse. At the age of 16 Thorsten started training with World Champion driver Michael Freund. At the time he was still in school and it wouldn’t be until after he finished his schooling that he would begin working for Mr. Freund full time. At the age of 21 he made a life changing decision to leave his learned profession to become the Stable Manager and Assistant Trainer for Mr. Freund. Thorsten and Michael worked together for almost ten years, until 2010 when Thorsten decided to start his own training business in Viernheim, Germany. Thorsten and Michael are still very close, getting together often to share training ideas. 

Thorsten’s passion is driving horses. Nothing would stop him from pursuing his driving career, even if that sometimes meant having to drive whatever horse was available. But with persistence, and of course the training from Michael Freund, he quickly learned the skills necessary to bring horses to the international level. After conquering the single horse competition by becoming World Champion in 2010, he decided it was time to train and compete a pair of horses and was again very successful. Thorsten then decided to sell this experienced driving pair in 2014 so he could fully commit to his next endeavor of being the United States Equestrian Federation Combined Driving Coach. The position as head coach involves coaching the developing and high performance US drivers, teaching private clients and clinics throughout the country, and of course coaching at international shows and preparing a team to compete at World Championships. Thorsten is based at Coach House Farm in Paris, Kentucky.


2004: 5th place German National Pair Horse Championship

2005: Reserve German National Single Horse Championship

2006: Bronze Team Medal Single Horse World Championship

2008: German National Single Horse Champion

2008: 8th place Single Horse World Championship

2010: Team and Individual Gold at Single Horse World Championship

2011: Reserve German National Single Horse Champion

2012: 1st place at the International driving competition in Lahden

2012: Reserve German National Pair Horse Championship

2013: 4th place German National Championship

2013: 1st place CAIO Riesenbeck

2013: Silver Team and 8th Individual World Championships Pair Horses

2014: Beginning of season sold experienced horses, new start. 

2015: Developing Driver Coach Team USA

2016: United States Equestrian Federation Combined Driving Coach

2019: Devon Horse Show Coaching Division Champion